Tuesday, May 13, 2008

when something wants to be born, it doesn't wait

I just had one of those wonderful bursts of creation. You know, the kind that happens when you're doing the mundane tasks -- driving, laundry, that sort of thing -- and then you have to stop everything that you're doing and write it down because it's just dying to be born and you can't risk losing or forgetting it later.

So I stopped and dropped what I was doing and went out to my little balcony with my notebook, wrote about four pages longhand, and then transcribed it onto my laptop, listening to John Mayer's Room for Squares for inspiration (I've been told John Mayer's music is great for chick flicks, so I suppose chick lit comes in second -- plus, being that the scene takes place in the cafe, and the first time I heard that album was in Uncle Jon's cafe in North Dartmouth way back when, it was highly appropriate). I was so in the zone, and when I finished, as I re-read what I'd written, there were tears in my eyes. My older brother has described something similar to him when he's just composed and created a song in that same burst of energy, and being mystified to tears by it. How did that just happen? Where did it come from? And look how beautiful it is! I made that! It's an awesome experience in the literal meaning of the word.

Fortunately, my PIC was online just as I'd sent it off to her. I summoned her via Chat and made her read it right then and there. We had a good convo about it, plus discussed other plot points, characters, etc., all the time me on my little balcony while she, unfortunately, was freezing her fingers off in the a/c-ed library at school (and a/c in May in upstate NY is a helluva lot different than a/c in May in NC, let me tell you) -- you don't want to see all the typos between her frigid digits and my doing the equivalent of talking a mile a minute because I'm so damn high from the process.

All in all, the scene came to about four pages types, and just shy of 1000 words. And on the surface, it doesn't even seem like a very significant scene. But man, it's so rich with something -- energy, I guess, and we think it's going to give way to some very climactic events later in the story.

Alas, I probably need to get back to the things I dropped in order to write my pages. Sigh, it really is so beautiful out here today...

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