Saturday, May 10, 2008

in synch

Yesterday my PIC emailed me:
So, I have an idea about the morning after chapter, but I know you have an idea about it too. Can I just write my version and then you tell me what you think?
I replied:
Sure-- we'll compare versions and likely wind up taking the best of both and combining them.

Little did I know that when I opened the attachment and read her pages this afternoon, I'd come to find out that our ideas were almost identical. We differed in execution, but that's about it. How awesome is that. We're not only in synch w/ each other's styles, but also w/ our ideas. Brilliant!We're about 100 pages into it now, and after reading the last 70 pages, it keeps getting better. Even I find myself wondering how it's gonna all turn out.

How I wish I could start querying agents for it now!

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