Sunday, May 25, 2008

patience is a pain in the ass

Now it gets hard.

We know where the novel is headed, even have an idea of how it's going to end. We're about 35K words in.
And yet, I'm struggling to get from A to B, much less all the way to Z. It usually happens around this time for me. The flow slows from gusher to trickle. What's more, PIC not only has school to contend w/, but moving (ick!). But given the progress we've made on this novel in less than one month, I am by no means complaining.

In the meantime, I've finally started reading Nancy Peacock's book A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning, and Life. Read it! You'll recall that I attended a reading by Nancy at Quail Ridge Books last month, and really enjoyed it. She signed my book, "Get aggressive!" I've been thinking about that statement for the last few days as I mentally plan ahead for June. I'm not much of an organizer, and so far this month I've worked on what I've felt like working on (or don't work at all, if which is also just as important to my writing process), but I'm thinking I might need some sort of plan from here on in. I just hope June goes as slow as May has gone.

And now, I must get back to the novel.
Any minute now.
Yep, I'm doing it.
Let me just stare at the screen a little longer...
Damn, thought I had it there for a minute...
(anyone for tennis?)


MitMoi said...

*sigh* me too. I told myself - 3 day weekend. 1/2 day for cleaning 2 days for writing. So far I have one post - and no work on my short story 0R novel.

The Purple Panda said...

Yeah, I did quite a bit of cleaning this weekend! But I did get close to 2000 words today ( chapter basically). I don't know how *good* it was, but at least it was something.

But that's ok, Mit. The time not writing on paper goes towards writing in my head, usually. I'll bet it's the same for you.

you'll do it!