Tuesday, May 27, 2008

getting aggressive

Ever since I finished Nancy's book, the words "Get agressive" have been replaying in my mind. So today I brainstormed a list of things to put into motion this summer in terms of giving my writing career a swift kick (in a good way, of course), and just making the list empowered me. But I've got to make sure I follow through. I think I'm going to put the words on a post-it and stick it on my bathroom mirror.

In terms of writing, today was one of those days when everything went right.
When my characters told me what they had to say.
When my writing partner and I were thinking the same things faster than we could tell each other.
When I had no choice but to write more because I was dying to read more.

And sorry to bug you w/ more Duran Duran news, but I learned today that former guitarist Andy Taylor has written a memoir about his time in the band. It's called Wild Boy (of course!) and it comes out in August -- I am so on it!!!

(and is it me, or did it turn into summer overnight?)

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