Saturday, May 3, 2008

these go to eleven

I've been on a high the past couple of days: the weather, the end of classes, grading papers and discovering that my students "got it" -- that right there always brings a smile to my face. Better still, it's not only that they got it, but also that they appreciate it as well.

I've also done a ton of writing in a short amount of time. Yesterday morning I began the nonfiction book I've been wanting to do for about four years (and finally figured out how to do it in a way that's not been done before -- mum's the word on subject) and sent it to sarah, my Intended Reader, just to make sure I was on the right track.

And man, she was thorough. And critical. I was expecting (and asking for) a lot less. But she was the right reader because she hates the genre. So it was good to see what she didn't like about it, plus she honed in on what I always instinctively knew was going to be the strength, which was the narrative aspect (ok, I'll give you a hint -- you'd most likely find it in the self-help section. I know, I know; first chick-lit and now this? It's a good idea, though -- trust me). What helped me most was that she sort of set the bar for me in terms of audience and purpose. If I can get a reader like her to not only read it but like it and learn something, then hurrah! I'm not showing her anymore of it until I finish the entire first draft and start in on revisions, though.

And, as for our novel, I happily informed her last night that we are 20,000 words in -- not bad for having started two months ago and considering the obstacles. And that's not even including the snippets of scenes and dialogue and blogposts that we haven't even gotten to yet. But we've got a *story* now, and that's always fun. Plus, we're starting to share a brain, which is a little scary... we've had more contact in the last two days than I've had w/ my mom in the last two weeks!

And speaking of blogs, Stacey is doing a great job of getting the word out about the QRB panel discussion on May 17. Two of the panelists even put together a little pod commericial, which you can listen to here:
They even pronounced my name correctly!

I admit that I'm starting to get nervous about it already. I just hope I don't, you know, suck, or that attendees are expecting me to be some blogging expert. I can picture someone like Comic Book Boy from The Simpsons getting up and leaving, saying (in CBB voice), "Worst panelist ever." I'll be happy if I can aptly explain to them what kairos means...

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