Saturday, May 24, 2008

new words, old friends

I wrote approximately 3000 words for the new novel yesterday, plus inserted a scene that my PIC wrote earlier this month. We're close to hitting the halfway mark for this novel, and I wish first draft could be final draft so we can start querying agents right away. I'm just so excited about this work, and can't wait to start getting it to the masses.

Meanwhile, last night some friends from Massachusetts are in town this weekend and it was just wonderful catching up w/ them last night. I filled them in on my writing projects (the nonfiction book was inspired by a talk I gave at a retreat weekend four years ago that they had attended w. me, so it was nice to finally spill the beans on that one), and they laughed out loud when I told them the title of the novel -- good sign! But we spent most of the night talking about the differences between NC and MA. And while I do wish I could magically make the distance disappear from the two states, it was very clear that life here is very, very good, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Of course, I've been on a mega high this past month, and I'm sure to crash eventually, but that doesn't change the big picture. My life is friggin great -- no getting around that. and if I start complaining otherwise, someone please remind me of this post. :)

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