Thursday, May 1, 2008

art imitating life; life inspiring art

I've just spent roughly two-and-a-half hours (save a short dinner break and an hour to watch Gilmore Girls -- don't ask) on a chapter for the novel that is supposed to be a blogpost.

It's a helluva long blogpost, I'll tell ya that much.

It came out to about ten pages (double-spaced, 11pt-courier -- all the blogposts are written in courier) and my original intention was to sort of mimic Bridget Jones's Diary in regards to this one particular scene where the protagonist is recounting a night of speed dating. I'm not sure I succeeded, however. I am eagerly waiting for my PIC to respond to it.

And although this has nothing to do w/ writing, I need to comment about how beautiful springtime in North Carolina is. This is only my second springtime here. At this time of year in southeastern Massachusetts, springtime is nice -- really nice. I miss the open water and brisk spring air at the beach. But it is neither as warm nor as lush. In fact, for the last few years that I lived in New England, save an occasional 70-degree day, I pretty much wore my leather jacket until June. But unless you have allergies, you can't not enjoy a day like today in NC. And perhaps I'm feeling more euphoric because my semester is almost over. Papers await grading. But really, how can you grade papers on a day like today? A day like today is inspirational. Really, it inspires. All I thought about today were my own writing projects. It was awesome.

Man, I love my job. Both gigs -- teacher and writer.


Susan said...

Good for you! Today was an incredible day to be out and to get inspired. We just got back from a short hike in Umstead State Park--what a beautiful day. Perhaps we can get together and do some "communal writing" soon...we'll have to find a good place to sit and enjoy the weather.

The Purple Panda said...

Panera and Caribou have tables outside... haha!