Sunday, July 6, 2008

weekend edition

So, forgive my absence -- the 4th isn't my favorite time of year.

Today wound up being a day to totally crash -- read, nap, watch Wimbeldon (Nadal beat Federer! I still can't believe it!) -- and eat choc chip pancakes w/ too many choc chips in them (if there is such a thing as too many). The highlight of the weekend was my writing partner who, on demand (yes, I literally demanded her to get me out of my writers block), set me up w/ a scene to write. She wrote the first half of the scene, I wrote the second, and while she spent the weekend moving into a new home, I went to Caribou and merged the two pieces. We both concluded that we rock.

Tomorrow begins my descent into fall semester course planning. It's time. I want to get mentally and physically prepared now so that I'm not complaining and scrambling later. And I know what's going to happen. All of a sudden, I'm going to have a burst of inspiration for my creative projects and will want to work on them instead. Then I'll kick myself for watching so much tv this past week (four hours of friggin' L&O CI yesterday!). Let's hope I'll stay focused.

The other highlight was watching Juno (finally!) last night (really good!) and revising my vision board this morning. Yes, I have a vision board. I'm a big fan of vision boards. I use a cork board and pushpins rather than oak tag and glue because I find the vision changes from time to time. I also like vision boards because I love making collages. And I find that vision boards sometimes stimulate my creative energy, which translates to writing. Anyhoo, I added a whole bunch of images to my vision board, and it looks quite packed and pretty now.

There you have it: I survived another 4th-of-July weekend. Hooray. Let the Dog Days officially begin.

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