Tuesday, July 15, 2008

planting seeds

Yesterday I met w/ a new friend to discuss a possible workshop focusing on writers setting intentions (not goals, mind you, but intentions -- the former focuses on future events, while the latter focuses on present events) as well as changing much of the negative beliefs about the writing profession (you can't make money, getting an agent is hard, the competition is fierce, etc.). Some may say those are a matter of fact vs. belief, but I beg to differ. Anyhoo, we both walked away excited by the prospect.

And I'm just curious as to whether you, readers, have any negative beliefs or messages about writing. Maybe someone tells you you can't make a living from it; maybe someone told you you were no good at it; maybe you had false expectations? If you have any, please share.

Meanwhile, the last few days have been devoted to course planning. Today I worked on my syllabus -- namely, the schedule of assignments, and it's the part I hate because I'm just no good at long-term planning. Besides, I always wind up changing the damn thing three weeks in, based on where my students are in terms of comprehension. I know people who are dead set on the syllabus and don't stray too far from it, but I'm just not that kind of gal. Composition is anything but linear, is it not? I've totally re-vamped (revised?) my course, however, and am looking forward to putting into action.

Sorry, boring post today. But just thought I'd check in.

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