Thursday, July 3, 2008

trudging through the mud

I wrote close to 3000 words per day during the month of May. That's insane. So it occurred to me that maybe I burnt myself out. Because I don't think I wrote 3000 words for the entire month of June. And maybe I just needed to cool out, numb myself on tv (honestly, doesn't anyone show original programming anymore? marathon after marathon after fucking marathon. How many times can you see the same Vincent D'Onofrio L&O episodes? I mean, he's awesome and everything, but come on...).

Yesterday I took out my nonfiction draft and read it, making notes in the margins and stuff. Crap. Crap crap crap. I banged those drafts out so quickly, and in a very short span of time. A chapter a day, pretty much. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of revision that needs to be done. Then again, I say that everytime. And once I let go and let it come to me, lo and behold, I've got a revised piece, a finished draft. So there.

But if I may change the topic, please do check out the mystic-lit blog and read the cheese post. I need to write a comment on it and say thanks, because I so needed to hear it.

So here's to being productive today. I don't have much time left-- I've got to mentally and physically start prepping for the fall semester.
(any good marathons on?)


MitMoi said...

I've felt particularly slothful this weekend. But I just made a list of the few things I need to do - and those I wanted to do - and I think I'm going to succeed on both!

I hope your mud firms into a walking path. Enjoy the weekend,


The Purple Panda said...

Well, today I just decided to outright lay in it, haha! But I like your alternative lists. Will have to do the same! I like your determination to succeed at both, too!