Thursday, July 10, 2008

a new blog

I've added a new blog to my list -- Baghdad Bureau, w/ Ahmad Fadam. Regardless of your position on the war, I think it's important to be open to this perspective. Because all of us need to be challenged on this issue -- politically, spiritually, and humanly. We are living in a time and place where it is so easy to be unconscious to war. And that alone makes me feel very uneasy.


TS said...

It is sad to think that people may loose intrest in the events occuring in Iraq. I am not saying this just as a wife and a mom who is being deployed near there very shortly. If anyone needs a reminder or a little insight into the lives of those who have been there just google "The Intrepid Fallen Heros" website. It will tear at your heart.

The Purple Panda said...

Thanks for the reminder -- and be safe!!!