Monday, January 18, 2010

what kind of weekend has it been

As much as I wanted to keep my streak of posting every weekday going last week, I let the previous post stand alone an extra day because in my imagination I hoped someone connected to Ms. Ephron would see and pass it on to her. Some of my Facebook friends informed me that there is a Nora Ephron listed on Facebook, and they are enthusiastically advising me to pass my letter on to her there, but I confess that I am afraid that either a) it's not the real Nora Ephron, or b) she'll think I'm an idiot.

Nevertheless, I was pleased to see that Meryl Streep won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in Julie and Julia, but confused as to why the film was included in a category for Best Comedy. I don't know that I would strictly characterize it as a drama either, but I couldn't help but wonder if there is a stigma attached to "chick flicks" in that they're not to be taken as serious films. I wouldn't call Julie and Julia a chick flick any more than I would call it a comedy, but nevertheless, Ms. Ephron's been typecast as a chick flick writer-director, unfortunately. (And really, why wasn't she nominated for Best Screenplay or for Directing?)

I did go to bed imagining myself winning a Golden Globe for my screenplay adaptation of Faking It, and being completely surprised and wondering if I would be all emotional (who am I kidding?). I imagined the music starting to play because I was taking too long, and whose faces would be captured by the camera. But really, I imagined myself approaching Paul McCartney along my way to the stage and saying, "I hope this buys me five minutes with you later... there's a guy you absolutely have to record with." Then give him my brother's name.

Yes, sometimes my brain works this way.

On a completely unrelated note, my laptop had the mother of all computer viruses this weekend. I have no idea what I opened or downloaded or touched (and I'm typically careful about such things), but the sucker crippled my entire desktop and hard drive, preventing me from opening anything but the internet. My first fear was for the Why I Love Singlehood manuscript. Granted, my writing partner has a copy of it, but not the most recent changes I've made to it. Ditto for my blog tour files (I'm currently writing posts in preparation for next month's blog tour, and it's gonna be fab!). It's a lesson to BACK UP my work on a regular basis rather than the occasional updating I usually do. Seriously. Back it the hell up, man.

In the meantime, I watched football, followed by the aforementioned Golden Globes. (Never mind that I could've been reading, dammit. Or writing longhand.) And I noticed that I was quite productive today until I retrieved my laptop. These screens, be they tv, cellphones, or laptops, are the crack of the future, my friends. We'd better start putting together the support groups now.

Got anything you wanna share? Golden Globe opinions? Computer hell stories? To steal from my good friend Elspeth's blog, "Please leave a comment, as I'd love to hear from you!"


Andi said...

I don't watch regular TV so I missed all the GG hubbub, glad to hear about Meryl Steep as she was utterly fantastic in Julie & Julia - it is bizarre it was in the comedy category. Maybe someone knows Nora's agent or something - I have often emailed the publisher when trying to reach authors. Also she does have a blog on HuffPost: > you can always comment on her blogs or join her HuffPost Facebook fan page and make yourself known ;-)

Elisa said...

Good idea, Andi! I've read some of her Huff-post blogs.


Elspeth Antonelli said...

The title to this post seems familiar to me...

So sorry to hear about the computer. Terrifying. Horrifying. Back up. Always, back up. Except in relationships. Then it's delete,delete, delete.

Elisa said...

Wise words, Beth!

And yeah, I got lazy coming up w. a title. It works, though.