Friday, January 22, 2010

40 albums

Since I wrote about my nostalgia trip w/ vinyl, and since I'm still on this 40 theme, I decided to compile a list of albums from each year of my life. In each listing, either the album or the artist has some significance to me. Perhaps it's a favorite of mine (you'll figure out the obvious ones, and my creature-of-habit tendencies shine through). Perhaps it's a favorite (or a reminder) of one of my siblings. Perhaps it's symbolic of the year it was released.

The mid-80s was when I couldn't just choose one album, and as the 90s went on, my choices got harder since I started my slide into the generation gap I so vehemently insisted to my mother back when I was 16 that I never would. By the new millenium I was cooked because I was only buying one CD a year, if that much.

This is by no means a "Best Of" list, and I was really tempted to list "Spiceworld" just to be a troublemaker. Please feel free to share your own notable albums. I left a lot of good ones off, I'm sure, especially in the last ten years. You'll also see that I left 2010 blank. (I'm hoping the new Duran Duran album will be ready and released this year.)

1970. Let it Be: The Beatles
1971. Tapestry: Carole King
1972. Trilogy: Emerson, Lake and Palmer
1973. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Elton John
1974. Pretzel Logic: Steely Dan
1975. That's the Way of the World: Earth, Wind and Fire
1976. Hotel California: The Eagles
1977. Out of the Blue: ELO, Saturday Night Fever: Bee Gees, Born Late: Shaun Cassidy
1978. Shadow Dancing: Andy Gibb, Van Halen: Van Halen
1979. Off the Wall: Michael Jackson
1980. Zenyatta Mondatta: The Police
1981. Duran Duran: Duran Duran, Private Eyes: Hall & Oates
1982. Rio: Duran Duran, Thriller: Michael Jackson
1983. Seven and the Ragged Tiger: Duran Duran, Sports: Huey Lewis and the News, She's So Unusual: Cyndi Lauper
1984. Purple Rain: Prince, Stop Making Sense: Talking Heads, 1984: Van Halen, Big Bam Boom: Hall & Oates
1985. The Power Station 33 1/3: The Power Station, Riptide: Robert Palmer, Dream Into Action: Howard Jones
1986. Notorious: Duran Duran, So: Peter Gabriel
1987. The Joshua Tree: U2, Kick: INXS
1988. Big Thing: Duran Duran, The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. I: The Traveling Wilburys
1989. Rhythm Nation 1814: Janet Jackson
1990. Liberty: Duran Duran, Violator: Depeche Mode
1991. Achtung Baby: U2
1992. Unplugged: Eric Clapton
1993. The Wedding Album: Duran Duran
1994. Crazy Sexy Cool: TLC, Hell Freezes Over: The Eagles
1995. Thank You: Duran Duran, The Beatles Anthology: The Beatles
1996. (What's the Story) Morning Glory?: Oasis
1997. Medazzaland: Duran Duran
1998. Seriously, I couldn't find one for this year. Any suggestions?
1999. Supernatural: Santana
2000. Pop Trash: Duran Duran
2001. Room For Squares: John Mayer
2002. Come Away with Me: Norah Jones
2003. Heavier Things: John Mayer, Concert for George CD: Eric Clapton and friends of George Harrison
2004. Astronaut: Duran Duran
2005. The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates
2006. Continuum: John Mayer
2007. Red Carpet Massacre: Duran Duran
2008. Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles: John Mayer
2009. Battle Studies: John Mayer
2010. ?????


Elspeth Antonelli said...

My brain explodes at the thought of how long compiling this list must have taken.


Some good albums there, though.


Elisa said...

Beth, is there a new administration in office? 'Cause yeah, it took too damn long.

Kinda makes me wish I was turning 10.