Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writers Inspired and inspiring writers

Today I appear at Writer's Inspired for another Q&A as well as a book giveaway in which a lucky reader will win a signed copy of FAKING IT. One of the biggest perks of this blog tour has been connecting with new people. Mary Jo Campbell, proprietor of Writer's Inspired, has been a delight to work with; clearly she is passionate about writing, and she has the same love of reciting movie lines with her family as I do! ("Have fun storming the castle!") Please do check out her blog.

Speaking of inspiring writers, David Sedaris is appearing at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh this evening. You must purchase his book to get a ticket to stand in the signing line (if there are any left). Davide Sedaris is one of my favorite writers, just hilarious when it comes to the personal essay. I learned a lot about comedy just by reading his work. I've assigned his essays to my classes, even.

Several years ago, Sedaris had appeared at a book store on Long Island. My twin brother and his then-girlfriend attended the reading. My brother listened intently while Sedaris read. Afterwards, when he brought up his book to be signed, Sedaris looked at his girlfriend.
"You must have dragged him out here," he said, gesturing to my wombmate.
"Quite the opposite!" she said. "He's the fan!"
Sedaris (face turning serious): "Then why weren't you laughing???"
Wombmate: "I didn't want to miss a word."
Sedaris: "So you thought it was funny?"
Wombmate: "I thought it was hilarious."
Sedaris: "I saw you in the audience, not laughing, and it got to the point where I was trying to make YOU laugh, no one else."
Wombmate (now laughing): "I loved it, really."

Sedaris signed his book: To... So nice to finally meet you in person.

I can't wait to meet him!

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