Tuesday, June 9, 2009

next stop on the blog tour: vicarella

We had a great conversation at Mystic Lit following yesterday's post about listening to the voice that whispers the "what-if" in your ear. You can still check it out!

Today I'm at my good friend Vicki Nadal's blog called Vicarella. Vicki and I met on Facebook earlier this year through a mutual dear friend of ours. On Facebook, the term "Friend" is typically superficial, but Vicki is the exception to that. We finally got a chance to meet in person this past weekend, and I think she'll agree that we've surpassed the superficial part and have indeed become honest-to-god friends. I'm so grateful to her for her support.

Today's blog tour post discusses the importance of chemistry between characters. Think about which characters who possess a certain chemistry that you love, and then tell us about it! What makes them click, or spark? Why are they your favorites?

See you there!


Vicarella said...

We definately are honest-to-God friends! I hope this blog tour does amazing things for you, and for the sale of your book, "Faking It". It's a great read, and I am confident that word of mouth is going to do wonderful things for you! Hopefully, lots of people will check out your recent stop on your blog tour today, by going to http://vicarella.blogspot.com!

Elisa said...

Thanks, Vicki! <3