Wednesday, June 10, 2009

today's stop: "Writing is About Putting Yourself into Words"

Today's blog tour stops at author Anthony S. Policastro's blog Writing is About Putting Yourself into Words. There I discuss a crucial piece of advice for writers: releasing limitations. A published author himself, Anthony does a wonderful service for independent authors by educating them on how to make the most of marketing tools such as Google Analytics, thereby removing the limitation of "I don't know how to market my book"!

In the meantime, attention moms! I'd like to introduced two books to you: one for you and one for your kids! The first is Heather Grace Stewart's Where the Butterflies Go,currently available on This book is a collection of poems that any mother is sure to appreciate. Heather's style is a mix of elegant, graceful, and fun. She definitely has a good sense of humor about herself and the world, but she also has a good eye for beauty.

The second is Olivia Morris' children's book The Big Blue Bully, "an engaging story about what happens when the tables are turned and the bully finds out what it is like to be bullied." Olivia's books are for kids between 6 and 12. Like Heather, Olivia is smart, funny, and a great person who cares about kids and the world they're growing up in.

Please be sure to stop by Anthony Policastro's blog and leave a comment. Have fun!

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