Thursday, June 26, 2008


Don'tcha just love it when things start to come together?

I got a much-needed shot of good energy at the Raleigh Write 2 Publish planning meeting tonight. My good friend Stacey, the coordinator, invited me and others to come together and brainstorm the direction of the group in conjunction w/ Cameron Village Public Library.

Let me backspace for a moment and talk about what a funk I've been in lately, and perhaps you've sensed it. The self-publishing route is slow and I'm feelin' my way through and making mistakes and confronting doubts. The new novel first draft is more or less done and my writing partner needs the break to attend to more pressing priorities. I miss her. I miss the daily exhanges of drafts. I miss writing it. And I haven't touched my nonfiction project in ages. Just got completely sapped when the publishing companies I wanted to send it to did all but slam the door in my face. (I may be exaggerating a bit. Let's just leave it at my getting sapped.) Just last night I wrote about all of this in my private journal.

Well, the universe listened. Tonight I sat in a room with about a dozen motivated, intelligent, creative, funny people, all willing to listen to each other's ideas and support each other, even though we were strangers to each other. I could feel the synergy in the room, and I knew others could as well. Something special was definitely happening. We talked about the business of writing, talked about the craft and creativity, but most importantly we were talking about community, although I don't think anyone even used that word. And while we didn't leave with a concrete plan of action, we left excited. We were juiced. And it turns out that I met someone who is very interested in my nonfiction project, and methinks it may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. She's actually gotten me excited about it and I want to pick it up again.

All I know is that I'm going to be watching a lot less tv the next few days.
Who knows what else will come of it?

namaste :)

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