Wednesday, June 11, 2008

disappearing act

I'm going to apologize to you in advance if you see some lapses in new posts this weekend. My mom is coming to town, so I'll likely be spending time at the pool w/ her, or doing other things.

Menawhile, I had a pretty productive day yesterday, finally (although I did seem to slow down quite a bit later in the afternoon). The collaboration is entering what I'm going to call the google-doc phase. At this point, we've decided to call the first draft "done" (although we still haven't written the ending yet) and are about to start revisions. However, since school has up and gotten slammin' busy for her, and I've got plans and responsibilities looming over the horizon, we've decided to post the draft on google docs -- this way either/both of us can go in at our leisure and work on revisions, and we can see the changes other are making, instead of the constant back and forth. This also relieves the pressure, especially for her, since I still have considerably more time on my hands.

I also activated my personal website, which I'm not ready to officially launch yet because it still needs a bit of work.

And, of course, there's formatting, formatting, and more formatting...

Where does process figure in to all of this productivity? I'm not sure. Maybe I needed a break from process. My twin brother sent me one of his stories (brilliant!), plus I've got writer's group tomorrow, so I've been looking into others' process, I guess. And maybe that's a good thing. Taking a break is part of process for me, really, so long as 'break' doesn't turn into 'block'.

In the meantime, keep writing, folks, and stay tuned. I'm still around.

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MitMoi said...

Wow! I disappear for a few days ... and have volumes and volumes to catch up on!

Hoping your visit with your Mom is fab!