Monday, June 9, 2008

ebb and flow

I've been feeling uninspired the last few days to write about writing, or to write at all. It may be the heat. It may be because I put too many irons on the fire, so to speak, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed w/ all my projects. It may be that I just need time to pause and think about all of this stuff. It may be that I've been neglecting to clean my apartment, and certainly a messy home is not condusive to writing.

And yet, I've been up for a half hour and I want to write something... I just don't know what.

I've just sat here for a good three minutes, staring outside my window.

I'm trying to think of something specific to the craft to discuss. Or revision. But I got nuthin' right now. I'm not in the mood to discuss any of my projects in particular. Good grief, what happened to all that wonderful energy in May? I should've known that it doesn't last.

So let me say this, then. A writer's life is paradoxically very routine as it is ever-changing. At least mine is. The momentum ebbs and flows. I get up, I do my things, Iwrite, I go to bed. But sometimes I pace around the house, distract myself, procrastinate. I go places to be an observer or even a participant so that I can write about them in some form at another time. I think.

That's about all I've got in me for today. I think I'll go clean my house now.

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