Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a Lulu of a day

This morning I recorded a video blog interview at headquarters in Raleigh, NC, just down the road from the NC State campus. It was my first time visiting the restored building (complete with tractor on the roof), and I was graciously welcomed and given a tour. This opportunity came to me as the result of a post from Lulu on Twitter, and from there it all fell into place.

Aside from the friendly staff who greeted me and took the time to show me around, I was impressed by the magnitude of the operation. When an indy author works with a POD company such as Lulu, it's easy to miss the human face when the interaction is all electronic. How lucky I was to get an inside look!

The interview went well -- I read a little bit from FAKING IT, and put in a plug for ORDINARY WORLD as well. I was also told that mine is the first video blog interview -- woohoo!! I'm a trend-setter!!

The video will be posted to the blogsite on Sept 3rd. (Stay tuned for more reminders.) You'll also want to see the interview for a couple of special giveaways, one of which you'll notice right here on my blog in my storefront -- a free download of a sample from ORDINARY WORLD. (Spoiler alert!! Reading this will give away the ending to FAKING IT!)

(On a side note, the cover for the ebook sample is strictly temporary -- the actually OW book cover is still in the works, but I know it's gonna be great.)

There a a bunch of good reasons to seek an agent and a traditional publishing deal. And yet, being an indy author continues to reward me with readers, new friends, and tons of support. I am grateful for it all. Thank you again,, especially Carol, AJ, and Nick, for your hospitality this morning. Can't wait to see the finished product.

In the meantime, I keep writing.


Carol said...

I'm so happy that you took the time to come by! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and am so grateful that you shared your book with us (I can't wait to finish it). Many, many thanks for everything! It was a sincere pleasure to meet you :)

Best wishes,

Elisa said...

Thank YOU so much, Carol -- it was a blast! And thanks for the support and for reading the book!

(we NY children of many siblings have to stick together)