Thursday, December 4, 2008

when my job is more than a job

When the progress a student has made throughout the semester is so obvious I can't help but be happy for him/her.

When my I put my UMass Dartmouth bachelor's degree to work, and I'm paying forward those bits of wisdom given to me by my professors.

When I run into a former student and she tells me that she was talking to another one of my former students, and the latter tells the former that I was her favorite teacher.

When find out that my former Upward Bound student from eight years ago is now in graduate school for International Relations, and I wish I could hug her.

When my students tell me that my passion has rubbed off on them.

When I can take a few moments to roam the halls with my colleagues, and enjoy their company.

When I can go home at 3:00 because I don't feel well, and be in pajamas by 4:00.

When I get to talk about writing on a daily basis.

When they get it. Always when they get it.

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G Liz said...

You are truly blessed to be in a field of work that matches your passions!

P.S. I can't wait to read your book!