Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my christmas card to you

Before you read my post below, please click here for an important message from Roy Blount, Jr.

I'm spending the day on the train tomorrow headed to Penn Station, and final destination, Long Island, NY. I'll be there for the remainder of the year, feasting on real bagels and pizza and Chinese food and looking for celebrities along Main Street in Sag Harbor and hopefully getting to see my beloved ocean. From what mom tells me, her internet access isn't so great, so I'm anticipating that this may be my final message of the year. Just in case, I just want to thank my readers for your interest, your insight, your comments that I always enjoy reading, and most of all, your continued support.

This blog has morphed quite a bit since its inception earlier this year. And I think it's going to see even more change next year. But it's been a neat little outlet for me to get all those things I've been wanting to say out of my system, and it's been a learning process as well. Sometimes I didn't write as much as I wanted. Sometimes I didn't write very well. And sometimes I wrote things I wish I didn't. Nevertheless, by the act of writing, I continuously affirm that I am a writer. And if writing is always in response to something else, then I am continuously affirming that I am also a witness. Those two things will remain intact despite whatever changes may come to Kairos Calling, if any.

If I don't get a chance to say later, I'd like to wish you, one and all, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, blessed Kwanza, and a New Year that is full of peace, prosperity, good health, and lots and lots of books.

the Purple Panda, better known as Elisa :)

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