Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've not posted lately because I'm trying to get my head back into a new semester. But I've got a lot on the horizon. It looks like I may have an independent publisher for my nonfiction book (which means I've got to get crackin' and finish it!), and my novel is still waiting for me to finish tweaking the bio photo and get that released. There's also the current novel, which keeps evolving scene by scene (and we keep adding these little scenes here and there, although in some cases we don't know where they fit!). Add to that my teen writers group, write-2-publish, Spirit Scribes, my new women's writers group -- what's this? Have I actually become an official contributing member of society here in NC? I've been here two years, after all. Two years since Aug 15th, in fact.

I'm not the new kid anymore.

Which means the ball is officially rolling now. Pretty cool.

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