Thursday, August 28, 2008

the irony of being a fan

Ok, so here's how much of a fan geek I am. I heard on NPR this morning (and that right there outs me, doesn't it) that Aaron Sorkin is working on a new project involving social networking via the internet and thus got himself a Facebook page. And so, what did I spend the rest of my get-ready time this morning doing? I thought about ways to Friend Aaron Sorkin w/out presenting myself as a fan geek; only to actually log on to Facebook later, do a Friend search, and find out that while he does indeed have a page, he has dismantled the Add Friend link. Smart guy. Stupid me. (I guess this means I can keep my West Wing flair.)

But Aaron is definitely on my list of people I want to meet and have a conversation about writing before I (and they) die. Seriously. From one writer to another. Celebrity-ism and fandom aside. And the thing is, I believe that's entirely possible. Either I'm deluded or an optimist (and not a stalker). But I suppose when you try so hard not to be a fan is when you act as idiotic as one. So the thing to do, really, is to take him off the pedestal. He's a writer, pure and simple. He puts one comma in front of the other like anyone else.

Besides, maybe Aaron will look for *me* on Facebook and Friend me instead... (ok, now *that*'s delusional...)

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