Wednesday, August 20, 2008

JT and book-tv

If you can, check out John Taylor's latest blog entry on the link in my bloglist. Maybe it's just my personal connection to him that makes his blog entries so compelling to me, but the boy can write! Not only that, but he's very giving of himself in terms of what he reveals in his prose. The more I read his blogs, the less he sounds like a pop star and the more he sounds like a musician (although, make no mistake, he's got quite a grand life, that one).

In about an hour I am going to meet my friend and colleague at Bruegger's Bagels (oh, how I miss Long Island bagels!) and we are going to do some "get rich quick" brainstorming on how we can combine our talents with technology, and not in the academic field. With the success of Stacey's How to Publish a Book website, we got to talking about how we can augment that site. It was actually something he said that really got my wheels spinning, "Look at how the Food Network started out and where that is today." Can we do the same w/ books or writing? Can we make it more entertaining? That's what A and I are going to find out.

Ideas, anyone?

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