Saturday, August 23, 2008

on the burners

So, I don't wanna jinx anything, but I've got a possible publisher for my nonfiction book -- a start-up, independent "company" who shares similar values and goals as me. While they're getting their business off the ground, I should get crackin' and actually finish the book.

Then, of course, there's my novel. Still have to get the bio-photo in place (I dropped the ball on that one and let school prep, etc. take the front seat. as usual), have to get a test copy and make sure it's professional looking, and I haven't even begun to think about promotion.

Plus, there's the current novel. Still lots to do. My writing partner has another break, but she also has more boards or something to study for. Plus, I've got school now.

Then, it turns out that A and I came up w/ a kick-ass idea for a webcast show that I'm not ready to disclose details on. We're still in the talking-brainstorming phase. No idea about the hows or wheres or whens yet. But it's exciting.

Did I mention I've got school now?

I suck at time management. Always have. I guess now's a good time to practice yet again. Don't get me wrong -- all these things are wonderful and exciting and this is what I mean by a full-time writing career. It's just that two full-time jobs are hectic, and getting paid for only one of them is a little frustrating, and, well, I'm glad I'm not a mom. But, also on my to-do list is to change my thinking and my attitude about the very things I've just moaned about in this paragraph. This is can-do. These things will make money. The scales are tipping.

Did I mention I'm glad I'm not a mom?

Now's as good a time as ever to get cookin' (where's my planner book?)...

Post-post (ha! get it?): Good grief, I just scrolled down and realized I pretty much wrote the same post last week (see rollin')!
Hmmmm... can you tell what's been on my mind?


TS said...

Give yourself credit... you are balancing a lot. And to your credit, I just let my best friend in law school read the copy of your book. She agreed it was great and wants to be there the day it sells to buy it! Oh yeah... I thought it was funny you said you were glad not to be a mom. As of yesterday I have a middle schooler. Who knew it would be so different from elementary?

The Purple Panda said...

thanks, T!

And I'm so glad your friend liked the book -- it's coming out any day now!

And as for your newly christened middle-schooler, all I can say is, Good luck with that!! And yet, enjoy it, too.

(btw, are you doing any more classes?)