Thursday, February 11, 2010

today's blog appearance, and a birthday message

Today I'm at discussing the topic of loss, the prominent theme in Ordinary World. Stop by and leave a comment. Thank you, Jerri Ann, for hosting me!

I've been getting emails, messages, and posts from my readers, and they blow me away every time. I can't tell me how much I appreciate your willingness to open up to me and tell me your stories, and I'm always fascinated by what parts of the story or which characters resonate with you (or don't) and why. I try to respond to all of them, so if you'd like to send a message, please do.

On a personal aside, my dearest friend is 40 today. We've known each other since the ol' play-pen days. She lived down the street from me, and we were inseparable until her parents divorced and her mom moved the family further north. That didn't stop us. For years we wrote letters, exchanged photos and pin-ups of our teenage heart-throbs, and even got to spend a day together every few years. I even got to be in her wedding.

Happy Birthday, dear friend. I can't wait to celebrate!

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Kelly said...

Elisa, I just found this. You are my oldest and dearest friend. I love you to death. Thank you for always including me in your life. Our 40th year is not over yet, we WILL see eachother before the end of the year. Love and Miss you sooo much! Kel