Monday, February 1, 2010

blog tour kickoff!!

The Super Bowl isn't the only kickoff in February. My blog tour kicks off today on WOW -- Women on Writing blog. I am indebted to Jodi for putting this whole tour together for me. Jodi, I predict sweet things all around for the month of February!

Also, thank you everyone for your kind birthday wishes last week, and for all your support this past month. Faking It and Ordinary World had their most successful run ever, totaling over 10,000 Kindle downloads combined in one week and remaining on the Kindle Top 100 Best Sellers list (Faking It is currently holding at #10, while Ordinary World fell to #58). Both are still on the Top 10 Contemporary Romance Best Seller's list in the Kindle Store.

Tomorrow I will post my dates and blog appearances, but you can go to WOW (either link above) for a glance at the schedule.

Yay yay yay! Go Me! Go Jodi! Go WOW! Go writers! Go readers!


Elspeth Antonelli said...

WOW!!! You GO girl! (I can only carry that off when writing it. In person, I'd be a total failure.)


Elisa said...

LOL!! You always make me laugh. :)

Sheila B said...

Excellent start, yeah blog tour!c

Elisa said...

Heehee... thanks Sheila!

Rob said...

I read the post on WOW.
Liked it very much.

Elisa said...

Thanks Rob -- and congrats on your review!