Wednesday, September 10, 2008

revision is patience

This is one of those times when my primary reader for this post is me. It's a reminder for the next time my writers block-perfectionistic tendencies kick in.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've been frustrated w/ the way my nonfiction narratives have been coming out. But yesterday, I finally relaxed, stopped worrying about the world judging it as good or bad, and thought of Liz Gilbert's wonderful grace, style, and humor in Eat, Pray, Love. And presto! As I read and revised the first narrative (which had already undergone various changes, all to my dissatisfaction), lo and behold, a voice emeged, the rough patches smoothed out, and little bits of humor appeared here and there.

What's this? I actually like how that narrative came out? Let's get to work on the second one, then!

Revision is patience. Deadlines might increase or reduce the stress level, but the mere allowance of time, of the process to work, rhetorical purpose and faith in the project (and good old fashioned love) magically takes time out of the equation, and writing happens.


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