Friday, September 12, 2008

bad day

There are a lot of reasons why I had a crappy day today, but here's one aspect that fits into the day of an aspiring author and the business of writing.

My book is lost in the mail.
I had ordered my own book for proofing before I progress to buy an ISBN and finally getting it ready for sale. And maybe I'm being selfish, but does anyone find something unjust about buying your own book for the purpose of proofing? Wouldn't it be great customer service to allot one or two free copies for that purpose? Surely the POD company could cover that cost somehow, or am I being naive?

Anyhoo, I bought the cheap shipping (USPS, for however many days) when I bought the book, and finally got the email saying the package had been shipped, and figured I'd get it by Monday. I'm doing apt-complex living, of course, so I was looking for the slip notifying me that the package was waiting for me in the office.
Monday: no slip.
Tuesday: no slip.
Wednesday: no slip (did I accidentally throw it out w/ the circulars?).
Thursday: no slip. I was going to go to the office and asked if the package had arrived -- perhaps someone forgot the slip or I accidentally tossed it -- but then thought, "Nah, they're very organized. I bought the cheap shipping. It's late, is all."
So I then decided to check it through the tracking, which notified me that it had been DELIVERED on Sept 8!!!!

Of course, the complex office had closed before I could call and find out what's up. Of course, I couldn't stop in to the office this morning because they weren't open yet. When I finally got a chance, I went to the office, and they looked.
I then drove straight to the post office.
"Do you have your tracking number?"
Geez, how could I be stupid enough to not stop into my apt to get it?I drove back to my apt., changed, checked the tracking again, copied the number and triple-checked it, drove back to the apt. office and asked them to check one more time (nothing), and then drove back to the post office, and they told me to call between 8 and 10 tomorrow morning because "they don't have it."
I even went back to my mailbox: got mail, but no slip.


Some days, when it comes to being an aspiring published author, it's no wonder we collectively feel the deck is stacked against us. I'm sure that once this grey cloud completely passes, I'll be voicing a much sunnier and more hopeful perspective and intention. But for today, I'm simply wanting to see my own @#!! book in my hands.

Is that really too much to ask?


mamie said...

Did you happen to read Kim Church's post at Mystic Lit ( and scroll down a few posts)about mailing her book at the PO? You need to. Especially since you could probably use a good laugh about right now...!

Stacey Cochran said...

Something foul was in the air on Friday... it was quite possibly the worst day I've had in three years. Easy.

Then, I found out yesterday that one of my favorite authors, David Foster Wallace committed suicide on Friday.

I'm tellin' you, somebody spiked the water.

(Hope you're doing better today.)

G Liz said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day...but I'm hoping things have improved in the past few since you last posted.

:-) Cheer up!!!

The Purple Panda said...

Mamie, I'll read the post -- thanks for the reminder (I've been slacking in my blogreading), and Stacey, I'm so sorry to hear about Wallace -- that's awful -- and about your bad day. Let's hope the cloud has passed.

Thanks to you too, Gina!