Monday, September 7, 2009

why I love my manuscript

This weekend I took out the manuscript that's been neglected for months, mainly due to busy schedules. I had intended to do some writing for it, but here's what happened instead.

I read from page one. Laughed at jokes I'd forgotten about, cried at a certain scene, and found myself wanting to keep going, even as my eyes got heavy. Couldn't remember who wrote what most of the time-- the style was flawless and uninterrupted.

I tweaked a comma or a word change here and there, but nothing major (we've already done so much revision to what's already on the page). Didn't do any new writing until about chapter 16. Wrote a rough draft, 3-page backstory. Read up to about chapter 20 with at least 100 pages to go. And I want to read more.

The verdict? This book is gonna rock.

Seriously, I love this novel. I love its stories and its characters, and I've already written a post about wanting to live in its world. I love that it's a collaboration between my friend and me.

We both know we're at the point that any additional writing is really going to happen when we're both in the room together. That day is coming soon. (Yay!) Of course, I wish it was done now, all perfect and polished and published and on the shelves. We even know what we want the cover to look like. Patience, I have to tell myself. This is the manuscript we intend to query. This is worth waiting for.

At some point the conversation about self-publishing being so time-consuming (when do we have time to write what we intend to publish?) is likely going to resume on this blog. But for now, I'm savoring the moment. A good weekend of reading good writing.

Deep breath: Inhale. Exhale.

Meanwhile, the FREE Ordinary World special preview ebook has gotten 130 hits, the blog interview has gotten over 75 viewings, and I've sold a half-dozen copies of Faking It, all since Thursday. (Not to mention the sales of the Kindle version since reducing the price to 99 cents.) Thank you to everyone who tweeted about it, posted something on Facebook, and downloaded a copy. Please post something about it on your blogs or elsewhere, if you can. I would be so grateful!


Elspeth Antonelli said...

This is funny because I've just written my blog saying the exact opposite.

Glad someone is having a good day! Remind me why I thought I could write???


Elisa said...

Funny, I just happened to comment on yours!

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Could you please box up some of that, "I love my manuscript" feeling and send it my way? I don't want much, just a pinch will do.

Glad to hear you're rediscovered an old friend. So, yeah, I bet it will rock. Good job.

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Elisa said...

Thank you, Galen, for the comment and for visiting my blog! I hope you'll become a regular follower.

Believe me -- if I could bottle it, I would keep a stash under my bed!!!