Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lulu blog interview is up!

CLICK HERE to watch my interview with AJ McDonald about Ordinary World. You can download the excerpt right here on my blog (remember the spoiler alert!), and find out how to win a signed copy of FAKING IT via Twitter.

Thanks again to Carol, AJ, and everyone at Lulu. I think the interview is great (although why do I always look like I'm slouching in a chair?).



Elspeth Antonelli said...

Nicely done, Elisa! Glad to actually hear your voice after communicating for such a long time! Interviews can be tough as they're obviously for promotion but no one wants to sound like "I'm so talented that you won't believe it".

Whenever I've seen tapes of interviews I've done I was always obsessed with how I looked. Not sounding like an idiot came in a close second.



Elisa said...

Oh god, me too! My first reaction was, Why do I always look like I'm slouching in a chair? My second was, So, how bout that sagging chin? Third was, Camera really does put on the pounds, or was it all those cookie dough pop tarts. Fourth was, the mic makes me sound like I have a lisp.

Oh, and the interview wasn't bad either...

(takes bow anyway and thanks you for applause)