Friday, May 22, 2009

school's out, blog tour, and Kairos Calling gets a new name: a preview of June

My week back on my old stomping grounds in southeastern Massachusetts was rewarding in more ways than I can describe. On top of selling and signing at least a dozen books at the *Temper* launch party and other gatherings during the week, I am pleased to announce that *Faking It* is now available at Baker Books in North Dartmouth, MA, one of my many favorite places to go. In addition, the Claire T. Carney Library at UMass-Dartmouth also has a copy of *Faking It* available for loan, and soon the Campus Bookstore will stock copies for sale as well.

While on my trip, I was also surprised to discover that Faking It also has a listing on! I've been promising myself forever to get it on Amazon, but I had no idea it was already there! The site needs some work to be more visually appealing, so it's high on my To-Do list.

In other developments, I'm finally ready to embark on my own blog tour. This is something I've been wanting to do for months, and I've been waiting for the semester to end and to return from my homecoming trip since I knew such a tour was going to take a bit of planning. Stacey Cochran's tour, however, has proven to be quite an inspiration as well as an example Like a true fan, I've been following him from appearance to appearance, and each one offers a new tidbit! So far, I've secured five blog appearances for the month of June. I'd like to fill up the rest of the month, so if you have a blog (or know someone who does) and are willing to host me, please let me know. Likewise, if you'd like to guest blog here, please let me know that as well!

Finally, as you know, I've been threatening for awhile to give Kairos Calling a new name. I may wait until the blog tour is finished so as not to confuse people, but I've decided to go with "I'll Have What She's Having": The Official Elisa Lorello Blog.

I came up with the name yesterday morning, not long after asking my Facebook readers to please think of a new name. This one got the most thumbs up. I love it because I think its connotation can extend in multiple directions (the obvious *When Harry Met Hally* homage; the invitation to spread the word about my books and me; the fun and funny that I so try to incorporate in my own writing and blog; etc.)

Let me know what you think!

And please, do continue to follow Stacey Cochran. For all he does for writers and the writing community, he deserves all our support.

Oh, one more thing. I'm now on Twitter. There's a link below for you to follow me.
Cheers, folks.


Stacey Cochran said...

I'll host you, Elisa. Just an FYI, though... it is a lot of work and coordination to juggle thirty people's schedules and blogs. Whew! I had no idea!

Good luck, and let me know what date in June you want to guest blog at my place.

Elisa said...

Thanks so much, Stacey-- and yes, I can see just by following all your appearances how much goes into a blog tour. Glad I'm doing it now and not when school is in session!!

Peggy Payne said...

I'd love for you to be a guest blogger on my site: It's about being bold, which your novel does appear to be.