Thursday, March 19, 2009

*Ordinary World* and the author evolved

I've just spent the last three-plus hours working on the formatting for Ordinary World, the sequel for Faking It, and reading it as I went along. And I'm tearing up at some of the scenes. It could be hormones, of course, but I prefer to think otherwise.

I love this novel. And that's saying a lot, given how much I love Faking It. Ordinary World is great because we see Andi at a different place in time-- evolved in some ways, devolved in others--and we feel for her just as much, if not more. And we see new and old faces as well.

OW digs much deeper. Andi is no longer reporting on her clothes, but rather exploring loss. And yet, her wit, her cleverness still exist, as do other gems of comedic moments, wonderful juxtapositions of texture.

I also love this book because I also see myself evolved as a writer. I see someone who's much more confident, who no longer has to rely on the crutches of what she knows. She takes more writing risks. She's more seasoned. I see an author now.

I'm releasing OW in the early summer (I hope) even though I'll still be promoting FI. I just can't wait. Neither can my readers.

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