Friday, January 9, 2009

drinking the kool-aid

So, my Faking It Fans page on Facebook is up to forty members. Of course, the thing about Facebook is that it's a Pied Piper type of thing in which if you send an invite to 200 of your friends, they go where you tell them to go. Since my friend Brucie started it and has, like, a million friends, most of them joined and don't know me from a scampering bunny. But, a few of them have their curiosities piqued, and I've already sold three books since I last checked, so...

I am so curious to see what Aaron Sorkin's screenplay centering around a Facebook-type community is going to look like. My (our) latest manuscript deals a lot w/ blogging, but I'm thinking more and more about possibly writing some kind of short story or something. It can be very mindless messin' around on that thing; but, it's gotten me back in touch w/ an old and dear friend of mine, among others, and I love it for that.

In the meantime, keep getting the word out! I'm hoping that once and for all I'll have it up on amazon, etc., by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned!


mamie said...

I feel as though everyone my age has a Facebook page and a Wii and I'm feeling twelve years old with Spauldings instead of Weejuns (not sure if anyone not my age will get this!) Gotta catch up!

Glad you're getting some movement on your book. I know just HAVING it printed has been awesome. Having it WRITTEN seems awesome to me.

The Purple Panda said...

Don't worry about catching up, Mamie. I don't have the Wii yet either (I just got a digital camera this past Sept!), and you should see my cellphone -- dinosaur!
and I get the Spauldings, but not the Weejuns...

The cool thing about Facebook for people our age is being able to keep in touch with loved ones who live in other states, or old friends we've lost contact with. I even healed an old rift between a friend from high school.

And yes, being a published author is fun!