Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes I can!

I went to Caribou Coffee at 9:30 this morning and didn't leave until approximately four hours (and the first draft of the book's introduction) later. It'll need work, of course, but I felt good about what I had written, and it came fairly easy to me--it should have, given how long I've been thinking about it. I actually wound up borrowing from my "riding the wave" post, being that the introduction was all about shifts in consciousness. I suppose the time had finally come to write about it because the shift had actually happened.

Maybe I don't suck after all.

I just hope I can keep the momentum going, not to mention the discipline. It's a lot easier when I don't have papers to grade, when I'm not having trouble sleeping, when my car is in working order, when I have a chance to crack jokes w/ my twin brother, and when I tell myself to quit stalling and write, dammit.

And seriously, the affirmation helped.
Yes I can.
I am.
And I will.
Because I love being a writer.


Natasha said...

I miss Caribou. Luckily, we have Starbucks here! Not the same (sad face)

The Purple Panda said...

I know what you mean. I actually miss my old hangout in southeastern Massachusetts, called Mirasol's (formerly known as Uncle Jon's coffeehouse). Caribou is my new place, but yeah, I get it -- not the same!