Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what's next

When I look at the number of posts I've completed for this month, I frown, and I wonder if I've run out of things to say about writing, the craft, publishing, etc. It seemed that when I started this blog I was an endless well, even though I didn't have a fleshed out audience and/or purpose. But that's changed now. I have readers -- far and few, perhaps, but I have readers nonetheless. And yet, now it is the text part of my little rhetorical situation that is scarce, not to mention my time.

What do I have to say these days?

Seriously, I'm sittng here for a full minute, and nothing comes to me.

For one thing, I miss my writing partner. She's even busier than I am, in the final stretch of her education, recovering from surgery, and has little time to enjoy a meal w/ her hubby, much less co-write our delightful novel. And I've had no time to attend to it either. The nonfiction book and Faking It come first these days, and I've been so mentally and emotionally spent from the recent traveling, family stuff, and teaching that I spent my nights vegging out on the couch and watching the previous night's Daily Show, or baseball when I should be writing. I'm thinking, is all I can say.

I miss conversing w/ my partner about our book, about the craft, about revising, etc. And I'm hoping she doesn't read this and feel bad. I know she misses me too. But one of the reasons why she's such a great partner is that she and I trust our process. We know that if we need to put the book on hold for now, it's ok. We trust that it'll be born at the right time, and we both look forward to that day.

I'm so grateful to have the day off today, even though I've got final drafts waiting to be graded, a manuscript waiting to be finished, a novel waiting to be published, a bathroom waiting to be cleaned, a car waiting to be serviced, etc. (Oy vey -- what am I doing writing this silly blog?!) The sun is out, and the choices are endless. Better still, the choices are mine to make, freely. Yay. In that case, I choose to pack up and head to Caribou coffee, put in an hour of grading, and take it from there.


MitMoi said...

I hope today is chock full of productivity for you! I find if I can get some momentum going I am more productive.

The Purple Panda said...

I actually did get a quite a bit of writing done (only five papers graded, though... haha)! It felt really good, actually.

Hope to see you this Sat at QRB, btw...