Wednesday, October 8, 2008

taking the leap

I think I'm finally ready to say it out loud: I have a publisher for my nonfiction book!
I think it's ok to be cautious, but sometimes my "superstition" is really fear-based: fear of things not working out and winding up disappointed, fear of speaking too soon and winding up embarrassed (or the aforementioned disappointed), fear of losing momentum, etc. And while I *still* won't give the specifics of the book (hey, lots of writers share that superstition!), I will say that I am excited about this new venture. Because I am getting the chance to be a co-creator of this little company's vision (and let me tell you, this little company has big plans!), and I am getting the chance to co-create my writing career.

And as I told my good friend C over the phone when I got home from my meeting with my co-creators, I realized how stuck I've been in the negative thoughts and talk that writers can't make a living being full-time writers. I continue to put my writing career, and intentions, on the back burner as if they have less value because they aren't drawing a salary at the moment. Is this practicality at work, or delusions of worthlessness? I'm inclined to think the second. I'm inclined to think that the only thing in my way is that kind of false thinking. No mas! Time to trade up to a higher frequency of thought! Time to stop making excuses! Time to lovingly (and nonviolently, haha) "get aggressive" again.

I mean geez, I am getting my book published!! Two of them!!

Speaking of, I'm still working with customer service to fix the printing problem w/ Faking It. I'm not going to share the latest chapter of that saga (because frankly, it's too easy to get caught up in the complaining aspect, and why go there?), but I will say I'm putting my rhetorical skills to work and thanking my lucky stars I kept a record of dates, emails, etc. This process has been one big lesson, for sure. But man o man, I want the book on sale by the end of this month!!!! Send positive thoughts to both me and Lulu! Send 'em to Faking It! With thanks, of course.
namaste :)

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G Liz said...

I am sending LOTS of positive thoughts your way!!!