Monday, March 14, 2011

many thanks

Tomorrow's the big day. Faking It launches as an AmazonEncore title with a brand new cover (which I love, by the way) and editing, will be available in select bookstores, and will be available in print and Kindle editions.

Who would've thought that, back in June 2009 (when I self-pubbed on Kindle--it had already been a Lulu title for six months), I'd be making such an announcement? Seriously, it's way cool.

But I'm able to make this announcement thanks to you, my readers. You got me to this place. Thanks to your reviews, your word of mouth on Amazon and Facebook and Twitter and Goodreads, your lending your print copies and recommending your Kindle copies to your friends, your selecting it as a book club read, and more, Faking It came into the range of AmazonEncore's radar. The rest is history.

More thank-yous:
Thank you to every single person who made the 99-cent investment and were kind enough to say that they'd have gladly paid more.

Thanks to all those who *did* pay more-- in the early days, significantly more, be it in print or electronic-- and believed it to be worth every penny.

Thank you to everyone who told a friend or family member.

Thank you to every male reader who wasn't ashamed to say that they loved what was essentially marketed as a chick book.

Thank you to every one that wrote me a letter about how deeply touched you were by Faking It, or bothered by Andi's f-bomb usage, or demanding a movie version soon.

Thank you to every woman who fell in love with Devin and every guy who fell in love with Andi.

Thank you to all the Undeletables who also took a chance on it (and me) when you didn't know me very well, and shared your praise of it with 10,000 others (including Aaron Sorkin) presumably "listening".

Thank you to every blogger who wrote about it on their own, or hosted me and let me do the talking. You, too, put Faking It on the map.

Thank you, Stacey Cochran, for helping me get the ball rolling and leading by example.

Thank you, Lulu (and the cool people I met there), for being the first to help me love the book into being.

Thank you to AmazonEncore, for loving the book just as much as I do and wanting to bring continued success to it.

If there's anyone I left out, please know that in my heart, I am profoundly grateful.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until my copy gets here. Don't have a Nook, Kindle, or whatever else is available, but want it badly! I hear its pretty good.

I hear the author is pretty cool, too.


Elisa said...

Thanks, Pam! The print version is beautiful. :)


Anonymous said...

I am honored to have gotten to know over the past couple years. I am one of the guys who loves your books. I am one of the "Undeletables" you mentioned. But mostly, I have fallen madly in love with Andi. If she ever gives up on David/Devin, Have her call me!


Elisa said...

Larry, I think she's still pretty smitten w/ Dev, but for sure she'd love you to pieces. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Elisa,
Congrats. The new cover is total fabulosity.
And thanks for all the tips your posted on my amazon discussion thread. I've just replied to your posting.

Have a fabbity fab day!

Elisa said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'll link your blog here.


billie said...

Elisa, huge congratulations! I have jumped into the deep end myself after years of being told by agents and editors that I just needed to keep writing and the books would get published. Finally did it myself via November Hill Press - now have four novels on Amazon.

Your original edition of Faking It was one of the things that inspired me - after I read it I kept it on my nightstand as a reminder that I had options. It's so exciting that you are having so much success. Can't wait to check out the sequel and the new book!

Elisa said...

Billie, you just made my day!
Congrats to you, and here's hoping your success surpasses mine!