Friday, February 18, 2011


Friends, forgive me for not keeping up this week with blog tour information. (If you follow me on Twitter -- and if you don't, please do! -- or if you belong to Faking It Fans on Facebook, then you got the posts.) This was a crazy week with meeting with students to discuss their drafts individually. Seeing 40+ students in a three-day period is a mentally (and even physically) exhausting endeavor. However, I enjoy that one-on-one time, and there always comes a moment when I marvel over the writing and revision process, especially when a student's eyes open during the brief conversation. Yesterday I actually geeked out while discussing rhetorical situation with a student.

So, even though the giveaways are done (and congratulations to all the winners!), I'm going to provide you with the blog posts so you can enjoy the reading as well as the fun comment responses.

RJ Keller's blog showcased a chronology of Valentines, and we surmised that as we get older we figure out what it's really all about.

On Rob Kroese's blog, we made our case for WILS as a book for guys (and I'm glad a guy won the giveaway -- we hope he likes it!). In hindsight, perhaps we could've made our case better had we included more explosions...

Finally, Elspeth Antonelli's blog featured Sarah's and my relationship in the context of writing and revision. We especially enjoyed reading and responding to some of the comments.

Stay tuned for upcoming features and appearances. With the re-release of Faking It just around the corner, exciting times loom.

On behalf of Sarah and myself, thank you to all of our blog hosts, commenters, readers, fans, and ebook winners. We had a blast this week!

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