Wednesday, February 11, 2009

on the back burner

A couple of nights ago I was thumbing through the Huffington Post Guide to Blogging book (I've got the title wrong, and I'm too lazy to get off my couch and double-check, so google it if you prefer accuracy, please). I've decided that one of my summer projects is to seriously re-think how I'm using my blog and whether it can better serve my business interests as opposed to sole self-expression, and then make any changes that result from this assessment. I don't want to lose my readers, and I still enjoy talking about the craft, but I feel like there's some untapped potential here, and I'd like to tap it good.

For one thing, I'm thinking of directly linking it to my website. For another thing, I'm thinking about shifting the focus of topics a bit. We'll see. In the meantime, my posts in the next couple of weeks might be spread out a little farther. It's grading season, followed by Spring Break, followed by mid-semester. I'll tell you, that back burner is getting crowded. I've also got to get the Faking It sequel formatted (although I dropped what I was doing earlier today and wrote a page's worth of new text for that novel, which has been finished for over a year) for a possible summer release, not to mention my nonfiction manuscript, which is finally coming along, and another little writing gig...

Oy vey! I am soooooo behind the 8-ball this semester!

Didn't I post something recently about balance being a choice? Looks like I'm gonna have to assess that, too...

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